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Schema Repository

Extensible Markup Language - XML

Graphical Design

  1. Extensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language (XGMML)
    XGMML is an XML application based on GML which is used for graph description. The purpose of it is to make possible the exchange of graphs between differents authoring and browsing tools for graphs.

  2. Structured Graph Format (SGF)
    Structured Graphs are a mathematical formalism designed to support scalable browsing and editing of large graphs. It is designed for describing the structure of Web sites.

  3. Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language (BSML)
    BSML is a public domain protocol for Graphic Genomic Displays. The BSML Basic Browser graphical user interface is a gateway to the visualization, analysis, presentation and communication of genomic data.

  4. W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    SVG is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML. It allows for three types of graphic objects: vector graphic shapes, images and text.

  5. Precision Graphics Markup Language (PGML)
    PGML is a 2D scalable graphics language designed to meet both the simple vector graphics needs of casual users and the precision needs of graphics artists.

  6. Vector Markup Language (VML)
    VML is an application of XML 1.0 which defines a format for the encoding of vector information together with additional markup to describe how that information may be displayed and edited.

  7. Image Markup Language (IML)
    IML is a schema for storing textual annotations to GIF or JPEG images. It is used in medical education software and clinical information systems. It allows for some limited metadata about the annotations.

  8. WEBDAV (Extensions for Distributed Authoring and Versioning on the World Wide Web
    is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers. WebDAV uses XML.

  9. Graphic Communications Association - GCA 'Paper' DTD
    The Graphic Communications Association (GCA) to be the leading global membership organization for advancing the processes of information interoperability and dissemination of knowledge.

  10. XML and VRML
    It looks like XML is going to be here for a while and so we need to get on board this boat to enable tighter integration with next generation web technologies.

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