As over one-third of the international long distance calls are fax traffic, Internet fax becomes one of the most prominent business opportunities for many vendors and service providers under the Internetmania.

The core engine of Faxtop™ is designed to be portable among different system platforms range from embedded devices to full-blown server applications. High portability, light storage, memory and processing requirement makes Faxtop™ technology an ideal solution to extend the functionalities of your products. Futhermore, our ITU T.37 and T.38 compliant Internet fax codec will be available for OEM later this year.

Here are a few examples of potential applications that can take advantage of Faxtop™ technology.

Vendors Applications
Fax Machine Maker Internet-enabled fax machines
VoIP Gateway Manufacturer Incorporate efficient fax codec into existing VoIP gateway products
Fax Server Software Developer Real-time FoIP
Email Software Developer Fax-enabled email package
Content Provider & News Feeder Worldwide rich content & news delivery


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