"Simply by pluging
        FaxTop™ to the
        line jack of your
        fax machine, you
         have given it a
          new LIFE "
 "Choose either
   dial-up PPP
   or Ethernet
   to connect
   to the Net"



  • Eliminate expensive long distance charges by routing your fax traffic over Internet or Intranet
  • No change in the way you use your fax machine today
  • As reliable as going through public telephone network
  • Proprietary network congestion control technology makes FaxTop™ suitable for use even in bad network condition



  • FaxTop™ automatically retrieves eMail messages from your mail account and prints it out on your fax machines
  • Send fax messages as eMail image attachments directly from your fax machine


   FAX SECURITY       

  • Signing - put your digital signature on fax messages
  • Encryption - protect important faxes from eavesdropping
  • International Standards - fully compatible with Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer/Outlook through S/MIME

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