Model FT100E FT100M FT120E FT120D
User Interface  
Input method through fax machine keypad
Status LED 3
LCD Message Screen  16 characters x 2 lines
Fax-eMail Exchange  
eMail format MIME compliant eMail Option Pack needed
Fax Image Format TIFF-F
Mail Server Compatibility POP3/SMTP
Email address book 99
Max. fax storage 40 pages (approx.)
Realtime Internet Faxing  
Network Congestion Control Not Applicable Yes
Immediate Failure Report Yes
Fax directory look-up LDAP and Microsoft ILS compatible
Security Option Pack  
Message encryption S/MIMEcompatible
Digital signature S/MIMEcompatible
Network Interface  
Network connection Ethernet dial-up PPP Ethernet dial-up PPP
Physical connection RJ45 RJ11 RJ45 RJ11
IP address Static or Dynamic Static Dynamic
Facsimile Interface  
Fax protocol G3 compatible
Physical connection RJ11, directly connected to fax machine
Power Requirement  
Current requirement 250mA@220V (typical) / 500mA@110V (typical)
FT120 Technical White Paper
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