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Intisoft Customers

Intisoft is the leading provider of XML-based e-business software for all enterprises and B2B e-Marketplaces. We serve our clients with a high-quality standard and professional products, services and solutions. Intisoft offers a proven e-business solution that is enabling our clients to extend business opportunities and generate more revenue.

Inworld.com Ltd/Styland Holdings Limited
The web portal business of the publicly listed company targets at the youngster generation. It provides different online services to many thousands of its registered members and is one of the most popular traffic-generating web sites in Hong Kong. Our W8 technology can make Inworld.com.hk easily to handle and process different kind of promotions and functions to the large amount of members.
Pizza Hut
In 1981, the first Pizza Hut store in Hong Kong was opened in the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre. In 1987, Jardine Matheson & Co., Ltd. took over the franchise and thereafter the business continues to grow. To date, the number of outlets has expanded to 59 (including two in Macau). In addition to the traditional dine-in and take-away business, Pizza Hut has developed its delivery service over the past few years and the service now covers over 95% of the inhabited areas in Hong Kong. Pizza Hut always strives to provide the very best customer service. Our corporate culture of "Teamwork for Customers" has been motivating every one of us to work towards providing more happy moments and quality service for our customers.

TakeTraveller.com Ltd
An award winning (The Winner of the UUNET/SCMP Business Web Sites of The Year Awards, and the Winner of the IDG Web Marketing Merit Award 2000) B2B and B2C e-commerce site that promotes travel services and provides information to the public and the travel industry. They emerge our new XML-based solutions - Xentric to pursue Collaborative E-commerce and affiliate with traditional travel agencies, hotel, airlines and car rental suppliers, Web business partners to provide more services and products to end-consumers.
Unigraphics Solutions
Unigraphics is an advanced software system for companies who produce complex products like cars, airplanes, medical implant devices and machine tools. It is also used extensively worldwide to create a wide variety of items we use every day, such as boats, bicycles, toys, telephones, coffee makers and golf clubs. Their vision is customer-centric. Unigraphics see designers, analysts, manufacturers, purchasing agents, packaging experts and marketers sharing information from one easy-to-use Web-based viewer.
Everlong Securities
A Hong Kong-based securities brokerage firm providing Internet stock trading, real-time stock quotation, financial news and analysis, as well as customized financial products on the Internet. Our stock trade module can help ever-long.com to process every transactions online securely and real-time. Furthermore, the data feed handler module is made ever-long.com comfortably to supply the real-time stock quotes from SEHK.
United Nations Children's Fund
The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF has been playing an important role in launching various fundraising activities in Hong Kong. They set up an online donation convenience for donators making contributions to Unicef's programmes. Intisoft provide a payment module and user-friendly administrative back-end to support their 24x7x365 donations and different programmes and activities.
Founded in 1973, Toppy is a leading Fashsion and Textiles coporation in Hong Kong. Furthermore, Toppy have several successful branded name in Fashsion and Textiles Industries, including Episode, Episode Studio, Jessica, Colour 18 etc. Toppy's offices and branches are over the Europe, America and Asia location. One of its brand name, Episode was chosen one of the millenium brand name by advertising Age International Magazine.
ICnParts.com is the millennium way to manage all component parts directly over the Internet on a user-friendly, web-enabled, transaction and exchange platform. They offer extensive benefits to buyers, suppliers and manufacturers within the industry. ICnParts.com will soon be the industry's preferred procurement solution. ICnParts.com is the leader in developing the most comprehensive and sophisticated web-based procurement solution for Asia. ICnParts.com will benefit all parties within the supply chain.

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