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Xentric Server
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Xentric Groupware
  • Intranet Portal
  • Office WorkSuite
  • Internet Business Portal
  • ISP Value-added Service
Target Customers:
  • Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
  • Business Portal Operators
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Application service providers

Xentric Groupware Server

Xentric Groupware Server (XGS) is a groupware server that provides email, address book, bulletin board, discussion forum, to-do list, notepad, bookmark, and calendar services. XGS equips enterprises, web hosting companies, ISPs, ASPs, and portal operators with powerful communication and collaboration web-based services for their Internet/Intranet users. Services provided by XGS are accessible from any Web browser or WAP-enabled device such as mobile phone and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). XGS does not require any additional client software other than your Web/WAP browsers, and therefore allows you to access and share information from anywhere at anytime.

XGS is built upon Intisoft's Xentric XML Server, which features open Internet standards and provides maximum flexibility and extensibility for your forthcoming teamware solutions. Similar to any other Xentric server software, XGS was designed with an emphasis on reliability, performance and scalability. Whether you have a thousand or a million users, XGS serves up to your requirement.

Benefits of Xentric Groupware Server

Integrated Application and Messaging Services XGS comes with pre-packaged applications and messaging services to maximize your workgroup productivity. Your in-house IT department can further customize XGS into a vertically oriented applications specifically for your unique requirement using Java, JSP or other web scripting language.
Complete Web Integration XGS provides an easy-to-use and web-based administration interface. System administrator can perform system management operations on selected system components at different access control level.
Security and Scalability XGS implements SSL, a widely adopted Internet security standard, as its primary security measure. In addition, Xentric's state-of-the-art clustering technology provides failover and load-balancing capability.
Integration with existing resources XGS is built on Internet standards such as Java, JSP, LDAP, JDBC, SMTP and IMAP. Relying on these open standards and inheriting the XML nature of the Xentric platform protects your existing IT investments and allows XGS to utilize existing resources such and directory, mail and database servers. Furthermore, you can import existing address book records residing on Outlook, Outlook Express or Netscape Communicator into XGS. The contact management and scheduler features are designed around the open standards vCard and vCalendar, which allows XGS to interchange data with other private or public systems. The upcoming SyncML connector will also provide data synchronization with a variety of handheld devices.

Xentric Groupware Server which includes Messaging, Collaboration, and Content Management Bean features following functions:

  • Compose, read, forward, reply, print email messages
  • Download/upload mail multiple attachments
  • Save work-in-process in draft folder
  • Spell check feature
  • Manage incoming and outgoing messages by folders
Contact Management
  • Manage email and contact addresses in a single database
  • Share contacts with group members
  • Import addresses from Outlook 2000, Outlook 98, Outlook Express or Netscape Communicator
Mailing List Management
  • Mass emailing to all or a particular class of members to inform members about special events, promotions and latest news
  • Flexible time management tool
  • Share timetable with group members selectively
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Calendar, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and list view
Discussion Forum
  • Create forums on-the-fly
  • Threaded discussion
  • Access control based on forums
  • Support message moderation
  • New post notification Bulletin Board
  • Publish organization-wide or group-wide announcement
  • Search or browse previous messages
  • Reminder work-in-process or outstanding tasks
  • Display the most urgent items on personalized home page
  • Jot down essential notes and share them with group members at your discretion
Document Library
  • Virtual filing cabinet provides online document storage
  • Share document such as product brochures and sales reports with group members
  • Make notes of important Internet url/addresses
  • Assign description to each book mark
Upcoming Features
  • Voting booth
  • WAP connector
  • SMS connector
  • SyncML connector
  • PalmSync connector
  • WebDAV connector
  • Workflow processing
  • Facilities scheduler
  • Computer Based Fax Integration
  • Personalized desktop

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