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Technology Partners
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Intisoft Partner Program

Intisoft actively seeks companies who have demostrated a comprehensive knowledge of our solutions and committed to develop creative and mutual profitable partnerships to provide the best-in class services and solutions delivery to worldwide customers.

Intisoft believes that partners are vital to our strategy and future success and helps to extend more opportunities. Intisoft develops relationship with partners like technology partners, system integrators and international partners to deliver our XML-based solution which help partners and clients easily access and exchange the updated information.

To become an Intisoft Partner, your company will gain the following benefits:

* A Complete Business Solution
Enable your customers to access one-stop solution with an open standard XML-based architecture.

* Expand An Opportunities
Integrate a new technology and receive a premier technical supports of Intisoft's Solutions, it can expand more business opportunities through Intisoft's Collaborative Partnership, introducing to different levels of global customers.

* Increase A Co-Marketing Opportunties
All partners of Intisoft Partner Program can participate in co-marketing events and share marketing opportunity information.

How To Become Our Partners:

To apply for Intisoft Partner Program, please contact info@intisoft.com.

Click here for more information about Intisoft and our partners.

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