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Xentric e-Marketplace
  • Sell-side Marketplace
  • Buy-side Marketplace
  • e-Procurement
  • e-Commerce Portal
Target Customers:
  • E-marketplace operators
  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters
  • Retail chains
  • Application service providers

Xentric e-Marketplace Server

Xentric e-Marketplace Server provides a new way of doing business by transforming legacy business processes into new economy and traditional supply chains into e-marketplaces where buyers and sellers can transact businesses flexibly and effectively. In such competitive environment, Xentric gives market makers the best solution for rapid-deployment and ensure flexible development.

Centralized markets for e-commerce over the Internet capture more value for buyers and sellers, and lower the cost of procurement today. It capitalizes on the new economy of collaboration and broaden the trading capabilities. The centralized marketplace is convenient to all suppliers to discover new buyers and new opportunities of doing business more easily by tightly linking all partners together to improve process transparency. Xentric e-Marketplace Server is built upon an open architecture using latest XML technology for e-market networks from horizontal to highly specialized vertical marketplace to display content, business exchange, and manage transactions.

Xentric e-Marketplace Server resolves the traditional inefficiencies and extends business relationship among traditional agents, vendors, and business partners on the net. Xentric also facilitates the procurement process that goes beyond simple price discovery and transaction execution.

Benefits of Xentric e-Marketplace Server

Quick Time-to-market Deploy your e-business initiative in Internet time. The messaging service and pre-packaged application logic (X-Beans) included in Xentric e-Marketplace is designed in modular concept, and performs most of the data processing and application requirement. You can therefore focus resources on your core business.
Multi-Catalogs Management Integration of each suppliers' catalog system in a single offering and provide buyers the widest selections and availability.
Multi-Exchange & Negotiation Mechanism Businesses exchange through multi-supplier catalogs, shopping cart, RFQ, forward and reverse auctions, as well as structured negotiations.
System Extensibility Broaden your offering or realize your creative ideas through standard-based technologies such as JavaBeans, JSP, LDAP and XML.
Security and Scalability Xentric utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and other proven technologies as security measure. On the other hand, Xentric's state-of-the-art clustering technology provides failover and load-balancing capability to protect your e-Business investment.
XML-native architecture Like other Xentric software products, Xentric e-Marketplace is an open platform providing XML-based integration with external and internal IT systems, catalogs and directory services. It also provides the maximum flexibility in data-definition with minimal effort.

Xentric e-Marketplace Server comes with the following X-Beans

Auction Bean
  • Support multiple auction types such as forward, reverse, open, close, private, and sealed-bid
  • Dynamic auction and negotiation profile in XML format
  • Watch-list, outbid and closing notifications
  • Permission-based auction history
Payment Gateway Bean
  • Receipt management
  • On/Offline credit card payment settlement through major financial institution and payment processors
Order Management Bean
  • Integrated invoicing function
  • Order history and analysis to provide personalized services
  • Management and audit trail reports
  • Integration with ERP, accounting and logistic system
User Management Bean
  • Instant, email-activation or approval-required user registration
  • Loyalty point system
  • Dynamic user profile based on user class
  • LDAP user directory connectivity
Product Catalog Bean
  • Unlimited-level categories and multiple parents supported
  • Dynamic product attributes based on classes in XML format
  • Multiple rate card for pricing differentiation, promotions and multi-currency
  • Shopping cart
BannerAd Bean
  • Multiple advertiser support
  • Rule-based ad display
  • Statistics for display and click-through
Messaging Bean
  • Folders and address book support
  • Mailing list management with fully automated subscription and un-subscription
  • Personalized or mass emails to registered users based on adhoc searching or user class
  • Connectivity to SMS gateway for mobile phone users
Content Management Bean
  • User-friendly article management interface for news, articles, and columns editing
  • Datafeed handler for interfacing with content aggregator, news providers and partner web sites
Additional Features
  • Inventory control
  • Discussion Forum
  • Instant voice/text chatting
  • E-Voting
  • eCRM and Rosettanet message routing

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