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Intisoft Customers

Xetnric Case Study - TakeTraveller.com
Traveller Services (HK) Ltd is a leading travel product consolidator based in Hong Kong with annual sales in excess of HK$150 million. Traveller Services (HK) Ltd. was formed in June 1985 and launched a B2C travel portal traveller.com.hk in mid-1999. Traveller.com.hk won the UUNET/SCMP Best Business Website Award in 1999 and IDG Web Marketing Merit Award in 2000. Capitalizing the success of its web portal and offline business, Traveller has planned to transform traveller.com.hk into a full-fledged distribution and trading platform for travel-related products under a new name of taketraveller.com, in order to reflect is global business strategy. Taketraveller.com will be targeted at the Asia-Pacific market and employs a unique business model - Travel Commerce Provider (TCP), connecting regional suppliers such as hotels, travel agencies and tour operators directly to buyers worldwide.

The Traditional E-commerce Site
Traveller.com.hk initially emerged as a traditional B2C e-commerce site in 1999. The company chose a solution built by Intisoft's W8 technology, which features short time-to-market, fully secure and easy-to-use capabilities, and allows the company to expand and upgrade its business models in the future. Traveller.com.hk provides non-real-time transactions for its members to make hotel reservation, car rental, air tickets and travel packages. In this phase, traveller.com.hk has decided to focus on provide a trading platform for end-consumers, build secure membership and online payment authentication and encryption.

Business Challenge
As travel purchasing are getting more popular on the Internet, travel companies are looking to differentiate their services from competitors. Each business partner and suppliers like airlines, hotels and car rental companies have different technical systems and business processes. Every partner has its own pricing arrangement, ordering processes, terminology and branding. Each separate business process would have to be programmed and integrated separately. More programming would be required as more business partners get signed up. Furthermore, it would be time consuming and incredibly costly to make adjustment to itineraries and dynamic hotel room rates. The new system must respond automatically and quickly to adapt these changes from its business partners and suppliers.

Advancing Technology Through Xentric
Since the services provided by taketraveller.com will be consumed by and connected to the information systems from thousands of hotel and tour operators, tens of thousands of travel agencies around the world, and a few dozens of web portals, it would require a set common business protocols. XML is the most ideal answer to the question. Therefore, the new platform should bear the following features and functionality:
  • Native XML storage and compatible to Open Travel Alliance (OTA)'s XML schema.
  • Ability to convert a variety of formats from different information source
  • Version control and security features
  • High availability and fail-over capabilities
  • Flexibility and expandability
Traveller has selected Xentric XML server from Intisoft to maintain their competitive advantages and upgrade its information technology infrastructure. Xentric's enhanced XML features allow their trading partners to be integrated in less than one-third of the time required. The company can therefore focuses on providing core business values and works closely with its business partners to achieve key strategic improvements and enhancements to its current travel management program and partner relationships.

The Solution
Traveller reviews that the benefits of Xentric, such as integrating data from back-end systems and transforming information, databases and legacy systems among business partners at minimal efforts, can reduce costs but improve the quality and reliability of their services. The management believes that their new trading platform can collaborate with all business partners and extent their revenue stream.

TakeTraveller.com's Travel Commerce Platform (TCP) is designed to meet the specific needs of the next generation travel portals with flexibility, scalability and advanced functionality. Traveller's partner web sites can offer their own visitors travel reservations and information services via XML, and without redirecting visitors to another site.

With Xentric, taketraveller can provide unique and value-added services to its agents and end-consumer. Moreover, they can aggregate services from many business partners to maintain customer loyalty, reduce churn rate, and to increase revenue.

The advantages between Taketraveller.com and its business partners involved are :
  • New revenue stream
  • Gain higher sales and potential customer database
  • Offer personalized services according to customer profile and distribution channel
  • Provide more regional offerings to customers
  • The affiliate e-business and portal sites can easily expand their revenue base without heavy investment in IT system and commitment on product management, purchase or inventory.
  • Traditional travel agencies can obtain the most up-to-date information on product availability and pricing, and search through a wide variety of product supply and information through an extremely low cost communication channel.
  • Suppliers such as hotels, tour operators, airlines and car rental companies can exploit a wider market channel while preserving strict control on pricing, availability and product distribution. Through value added services, each supplier can differentiate their products and services.
  • Consumers can have more choices and competitive pricing because of the indirect but real-time interaction with thousands of vendors through their preferred web site.

Click here for more information about Intisoft's Xentric and services.
Industry :
  • Travel Industry
Solution Overview :
  • Travel Commerce Platform (TCP)
  • A unique 4B1C travel trading platform
  • Enhanced information distribution, improving suppliers, agents and web business partners relationships and enabling a quicker response to seasonal trends
  • Integration with legacy system
  • XML-based Xentric solution enables ease of administration and streamlined development cycles between business partners

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