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Schema Repository

Extensible Markup Language - XML

Content Management & Publishing

  1. Digital Receipt Infrastructure Initiative
    The digital receipt standard addresses the issues of risk management, legal liability, and auditing for effective management of business-to-business transactions over the Internet.

  2. Open eBook Initiative
    The purpose of Open eBook Initiative is to provide a base specification for representing the content of electronic books. The specification is intended to give content providers.

  3. Mathematical Markup Language
    The goal of MathML is to enable mathematics to be served, received, and processed on the Web, just as HTML has enabled this functionality for text.

  4. Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL)
    Define a simple XML-based language that allows authors to write interactive multimedia presentations. Allow reusing of SMIL syntax and semantics in other XML-based languages.

  5. adXML.org: XML for Advertising
    adXML.org is an international, open standard organization, which is defining an advertising XML schema for both on-line and off-line media. It is being expanded to address all advertising modalities.

  6. Newspaper Association of America (NAA) - Standard for Classified Advertising Data
    The goal of this initiative is to define a data structure for ads in various categories to facilitate the electronic exchange of classifieds.

  7. News Industry Text Format (NITF)
    NITF is an XML-based DTD designed for the markup and delivery of news content in a variety of ways, including print, wireless devices and the Web.

  8. XMLNews
    XMLNews-Meta is used to transmit metadata about any kind of news object, whether textual or non-textual (such as an image or audio clip) in the same, standard format.

  9. NewsML
    NewsML v1.0 offers a way to identify the content of a news item. It can help to create and manage information components (e.g., photographs and associated text), to permit updating of news content, and to help subscribers manage information overload by packaging and delivering to them specific news content from multiple sources. NewsML will support multilingual versions of content by synchronizing translations when content is updated. The standard also will help news organizations manage royalty payments and subscriptions.

  10. News Markup Language (NML)
    At a meeting among newspapers, wire services, vendors and people from other organisations it was decided to enhance NITF with some additional features to incorporate the wishes from the NML community.

  11. Theological Markup Language (ThML)
    Theological Markup Language (ThML) is an XML markup language for theological texts. It is hoped that the language will serve as a royalty-free format for theological texts in other applications.

  12. LitML: A Liturgical Markup Language
    LitML is intended as a markup language for liturgical texts and it is intended that LitML might be used to markup new liturgical texts of existing denominations, and also to mark up historic texts.

  13. ECMData - Electronic Component Manufacturer Data Sheet Inventory Specification
    Marshall Industries has announced a new initiative called ECMData designed to enable the automatic retrieval, indexing, and cataloging of electronic manufacturers' data sheets and technical papers over the Internet.

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