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Schema Repository

Extensible Markup Language - XML

Medical & HealthCare

  1. Clinical Trial Data Model
    It will be submitting its established XML-based data model of their InForm Web-based clinical trial data collection and management software to key industry standards organizations to jumpstart the development of a data interchange model.

  2. National Library of Medicine (NLM) XML Data Formats
    As part of its reinvention efforts, NLM continues to refine the format that will be used for our forthcoming data creation and maintenance system and for distribution of MEDLINE data.

  3. ISIS European XML/EDI Healthcare Pilot Project (XMLEPR)
    The ISIS European XML/EDI Pilot Project has investigated how XML message structures can be developed to meet those of the transport industry and those of healthcare.

  4. Open Healthcare Group 'XChart'
    XChart is a system designed to combine the ease, speed and portability of paper systems with the efficiencies of computerized records. XChart is browsable via the web with minimal training.

  5. DocScope: Open Source XML Healthcare Project
    This project is enabled by the convergence of health care standards and open source tools on the Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) document format for information interchange.

  6. Health Level Seven XML Patient Record Architecture
    The architecture specifies a document markup format which enables documents to be transferred on-line or stored in files on off-line media. This is normative and desirable because the PRA is predicated on use of XML transformations.

  7. ASTM XML Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for Health Care
    Currently there is no standard set of document types for healthcare, nor is there a commonly defined service for accessing the XML documents. However, to address this issue, is developing a standard set of DTDs for healthcare documents.

  8. The CISTERN Project - Standard XML Templates for Healthcare
    CISTERN is the Clinical Information Systems Interoperability Network, a neutral forum for HIS vendors, consultants and users to hammer out real-world data exchange standards.

  9. Template Definition Language (TDL)
    The principals report that the Template Definition Language (TDL) has been developed "to share knowledge of how to construct an electronic patient record (EPR) template, based on XML.

  10. Human Resource Management Markup Language (HRMML)
    HRMML, an XML-based markup language for job postings, job descriptions, and resumes. It was developed to be broadly applicable to the needs of employers, recruiters, recruiting data aggregators, and Internet job sites.

  11. HR-XML Consortium
    Industry-standard XML vocabularies provide the means for one company to transact with many other companies without having to establish, engineer, and implement many separate interchange mechanisms.

  12. XML-HR Initiative - Human Resources
    The purpose of the initiative is to collaborate on the creation and standardization of human resource/electronic recruiting XML definitions.

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